Philadelphia in May – Our Impressions

Philadelphia is actually not too bad in the springtime.  I found out when I stopped by in May.

Oddly enough, I was invited back for a school reunion (let’s just say somewhere on or near or perhaps somehow affiliated with the U of P).  Megan and I arrived in the evening, threw our stuff into a hotel room (got there by car), flagged a hack, and sped to campus.  It was about dusk when we wandered around among the stone buildings and tall trees.  With keen foresight, I suggested that we head to a bar, because I sensed a bit of tippling coming on.

Things We’ve Done During Our Journey

Needless to say, that evening wrapped up with a

Best Places in USA to Spend Your Winter Vacation

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Maine: A Journey to “Vacationland”

If you are old school you probably fancy Maine as “Vacationland” If you are a recent aficionado, then “The Way Life Should Be” is entirely appropriate. Either way, Maine will win you over with tons of lobster and a plethora of outdoor sights and activities for the visitor.

Jimmy’s Crib

So, here’s our version of the story.

Since the Doc lives on Long Lake (about an hour northwest of Portland), we tend to spend a good deal of time here.  Jimmy’s “house” is in the small town of Bridgton, and the property has a terrific view of the lake. He gets a lot of attention for the castle-style architecture of the house that he helped design and build.